“During even a cursory read-through, I was moved to tears by Weaver’s poignantly written account, which captures the author’s experience when faced with the reality of her dog’s failing health and the agonizing decisions surrounding that situation. Yet this book is more than a memoir of a beloved pet; it is an account of the amazing phenomenon of animal communication. Starting out as a skeptic, Weaver learned not only that we can converse with animals, but that they have a deep wisdom to impart and a spiritual essence that survives death. Through an animal communicator, Daisy told Weaver when it was time for her to leave this planet and assured her that she would always be near: ‘I have heard the call and didn’t want to listen and now I know I must surrender. It is hard to leave for I love life so. I will stay in touch with Helen. Please tell her not to miss me too much, nor be sad for too long.’ A beautiful gift for any animal lover, this book can alter one’s concept of the sentient world.”

—NAPRA Review

The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with my Dog is an incredible story of communication between human and animal. Author Helen Weaver, who agonized over the failing health of her beloved pet, was torn between the options of euthanasia and hope for quality of life when she called an animal communicator. Yet what she learned changed her life, as she began to understand and truly empathize with the perceptions of her faithful companion. A “must” for dog lovers, The Daisy Sutra is a heartwarming and fascinating glimpse into the mind of the creatures whose loyalty we so often take for granted.”

—Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

“What a warm, moving reminder of the importance of pets in our lives! Weaver takes it a giant step forward by introducing the concept and experience of communicating with animals. I laughed and cried and felt wonderful reading this book.”

—Connie Fisher, Book Sense 76

The story of a woman and her mother, of a woman and her dog, of a woman and the animal communicator who lets her talk to her dog– The Daisy Sutra is many things, but most of all, it is a love story. Simply and beautifully written, it moves us to explore a world few of us ever knew existed.

—Clark Strand, author of The Wooden Bowl
and Seeds from a Birch Tree

Helen Weaver is that rare author who can tell a simple, deeply personal tale and make it compelling and interesting for all readers. This is not a book which intends to convince anyone of anything; it simply tells the story of Helen’s journey of sharing love, life and death with a dog she loved deeply. And in so doing, it unites the reader in the universal experience of love and loss.

The simple honesty and clarity of the love Helen Weaver and Daisy shared shines through. The Daisy Sutra is a small book of startling power–power both to move and to stimulate thought.”

—Ginny Debbink, animal communicator and teacher

I’m a skeptic, but Helen Weaver writes so well she plants doubts and new ideas.

—Marianne Means, syndicated Hearst columnist

Helen Weaver is a whimsical but deeply grounded person, and she writes as elegantly as Annie Dillard. In The Daisy Sutra she has given us a new take on the old Zen koan, Does a dog have Buddha nature? It is a fascinating read that, no matter what you conclude, will make you approach animals a little more respectfully–or reality a little more humbly.

—Michael Green, author of Zen & the Art of the Macintosh
and illustrator of The Illuminated Rumi

My pet made me read this book. If yours hasn’t yet told you about it, don’t wait. Buy this book now. Then you’ll know what your pet is saying!

—Susun Weed, author of Healing Wise and
Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

This book brought tears to my eyes, as I empathized with Ms. Weaver and her dog Daisy. Anyone who has loved a pet as one of the family should read this book.

— Jonathan Delson, computer consultant

It is often said that the real Buddha is the NOW. . . and what better way of being in the now than with a faithful and giving dog friend? The Daisy Sutra just proves that even dogs have Buddha nature. Helen Weaver has created a lovely poignant unique book, a winner through and through.

—Ethan Hubbard, author of
First Light, Straight to the Heart,
and Faces of Wisdom

Although cats are far more literate and literary than dogs, Daisy’s conversations really did interest me.

—Sneaky Pie Brown, cat to novelist Rita Mae Brown

The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with my Dog is really two books in one. There is the beautiful story of Helen and Daisy’s life together. . . .You don’t have to have shared your life with a canine companion to enjoy this well written, entertaining account of a dog and her human’s friendship–both in life and death.

Besides telling Daisy’s life story, Weaver also discusses the topic of animal communication. Toward the end of Daisy’s life, Weaver contacted animal communicators who are ‘able to tune in to the feelings of nonhuman animals and translate those feelings into words a human could understand.’ Whether you believe in this sort of phenomenon or not, it makes for interesting reading!

—Glenn Perrett, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

The Daisy Sutra is an extraordinary book. Five stars seem paltry. I would give five constellations! This is a rare book that speaks to the heart, the soul, and the mind without ever being heavy-handed. It is a fast read, almost impossible to put down (except to reach for a handkerchief). Here is a remarkable real life story told deftly with great humor and compassion. Again and again, we see that in the smallest details in life there are glories. Helen Weaver and Daisy have generously given the reader the extraordinary opportunity to share their journey. We come to know the courage and spirit of these two remarkable beings. One warning: should you take the journey, your life may never be the same again.

—Juliet Law Parker, award winning T.V. writer

It has been said that if we can ask ourselves to consider the possibility that there may be something we do not know, the knowing of which could change everything. . .that everything could change. Helen Weaver’s The Daisy Sutra could help our world change everything.

The message in her book is the one single message so desperately needed in our world now. . .that there is only One Of Us, that all sentient beings (of whatever species) are part of All That Is.

—Brent Begley, therapist, mediator, and lawyer

With poignant honesty and graceful prose, Helen Weaver tells a tale that to some is a most familiar one of connection, communication, and love. For some readers, The Daisy Sutra will be an opening to what is possible between human and animal, an opening to new depths in relationship. For all who love animals and understand the magic they can bring our lives, The Daisy Sutra, is not to be missed.

—Suzanne Clothier, holistic dog trainer, author of
Bones Would Rain from the Sky:

The Daisy Sutra is a heart-warming and compelling personal story that should keep all skeptics on their toes and force them to develop more convincing arguments than ‘Oh, this animal communication stuff just can’t be so.’ This book will move all readers as it moved me and made me dig deeper into the nature of animal beings’ spirits and souls, and the power of their love.

—Marc Bekoff, editor of The Smile of a Dolphin:
Remarkable Accounts of Animal Emotions

and author of Strolling with our Kin

As we realize more fully animals’ places in our lives, the number of books about pet loss is mounting. Among them, The Daisy Sutra is a beautiful memoir of loss and learning, the personal story of how one woman and her dog got through the experience, and how the woman grew as a result.

For some readers, the book may require a suspension of disbelief. For others like me, who find the notion that we can communicate with any species in ways previously unknown, fascinating, The Daisy Sutra gives added credence to interspecies communication. The mediated conversations with Daisy before and after her death help Weaver to survive her immense loss. Daisy remains Weaver’s teacher and muse, even after her body departs.

The Daisy Sutra concludes with an interview with animal communicator Gail De Sciose, a fine section on related books, and a list of recommended communicators. The author also lets us know why she wrote the book: ‘We need to know that communication with animals is not only possible, but natural; and not only natural, but essential.’

—Deborah Straw, author of  The Healthy Pet Manual:
A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
, in Yankee Dog

The Daisy Sutra is impossible to put down. We pet owners usually think we can understand what our animals are trying to say. This book lets us know that we can deepen that understanding, and learn to communicate better with all the animals who share our planet. This book would be a great gift for an animal lover or anyone interested in the extraordinary powers of the human mind and spirit.

—Miriam Berg, writer, editor, singer, and activist

Helen Weaver’s message reassures those who have been ignored because their experience is seen through a scientific lens that filters love from the equation. Weaver has managed to bring about a balance. She has managed to express her passion without judgment. She has “walked her talk.” This book is an inspiration and a delight.

—Kathleen F. Anderson, artist, teacher, and therapist

Helen Weaver’s love for Daisy and the work it makes possible are a lantern shining in a world that needs much more compassion and understanding. Reading The Daisy Sutra has greatly enriched me and enlivened my constant hope that more people can be made to understand the vast richness of animals’ feelings.

—Judith Hipskind Collins, author of
Palmistry: The Whole View and The New Palmistry

Helen and Daisy, 1998

(Helen and Daisy, 1998)

Conversations with a dog? With a dead dog? When I first heard about this, I was more than skeptical. I was downright cynical. In the self-proclaimed New Age there has been a spate of books claiming to be channeled from higher entities. Of the ones that I have looked through there is an air of unreality and, more often than not, an absence of literacy. It is as if the entities, high as they might be, did not know how to communicate effectively.

I received The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with My Dog from the author as a birthday present. I did not know when I would read it, having a full literary plate. But presents are a tricky thing. They must, at least, be acknowledged. And so one evening, I pulled my copy of The Daisy Sutra into bed with me and decided to read a page or two. Or three. Or four.

I couldn’t think about putting it down. I was too busy reading. I finished it that night with a hunger for more, a disappointment that it had ended, and a feeling that something had changed inside of me.

There are books that change your life. There are books that touch a truth inside of you that you were not aware was there. There are books that alter your vision of the sentient world. Helen Weaver’s The Daisy Sutra is such a book.

I no longer see animals the way I once did. Oh, I still squash ants, especially if they are racing to or from my food. Some things never change. However, I experience animals differently, even insects. Even spiders.

I feel more related to all living creatures as a result of this warm and honest book. There is no animal rights preaching here, no righteous raising of a banner. The Daisy Sutra, does not grind any ax. Its spirituality is rooted in its authenticity. It is a feast for the soul.

—Sarvananda Bluestone, author of
How to Find Signs & Omens in Everyday Life