Writers have been interviewing me about Jack Kerouac for years. I’ve always known that I wanted to write a book of my own some day and at first I was nervous about giving too much away, so those early interviews are not included here.

In November 1990 Dan Wakefield interviewed me for his book New York in the Fifties. That spring I had finally started working on my book about Jack (back then it was Words from the Wings) and I was happy to share my memories with him. Dan and I agreed that we had a responsibility to tell our stories, because we’re survivors. As we sat in The Peacock, our favorite coffeehouse on Greenwich Avenue in the Village, Dan didn’t even use a tape recorder, just a pencil and a pad and his prodigious memory.

A few years later, Betsy Blankenbaker was creating a documentary based on Dan’s book, and Dan invited me to participate. We sat in a tiny backyard garden somewhere in the Village. That interview did get on tape–on videotape, no less. A YouTube link will be posted here soon.

After that there were more interviews, by other writers, editors, and reviewers.

Interviews are fun, because people ask you questions about things you’ve never thought of before, and in answering them, you find out what you think. I especially enjoy email interviews, because you have more time to think. I enjoyed all of these, and I hope you will too!


Michalis Limnios, 2012
Linda Klakken, 2010
Dylan Foley, 2010
Tony Rodriguez, 2010
David Wills, 2010
Rick Dale, 2009
Kevin Ring, 2009
Jonah Raskin, 2009
Joyce Johnson, 2008
Dave Sambrook, 2005
Kevin Ring, 2003