A website dedicated to the Beat Generation and to the magazine Beat Scene which has been published since 1988 with interviews, news, profiles, reviews, and photos.
A site devoted to Jack Kerouac’s life and writings, it contains a truly impressive number of links to Kerouac and Beat sites, courtesy of the Jack Kerouac subterranean Information Society, former publisher of the magazine Dharma Beat.
LCK keeps Kerouac’s spirit alive in his home town of Lowell, Massachusetts where every October–Jack’s favorite month–they put on a festival with tours, readings, concerts, films, and a commemorative ceremony at Kerouac Park.
The official website of the Allen Ginsberg Estate, elegantly designed to explore his life work and to reveal “the intelligence and beauty of his aim of increasing consciousness on the planet.”
The Beat Studies Association encourages serious study of the writers and other artists affiliated with the Beat Generation movement by providing a forum for scholars.
A website devoted to the bricks and mortar museum containing a permanent collection of Beat artifacts, now located (where else?) in the historic North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.
At this site one can buy, among other things, a T shirt that says”You don’t know JACK!” Can you dig it?
Composer, performance artist, and author David Amram has been keeping the flame alive since the fifties, and has many great stories to tell about his adventures with the Beats.



Kerouac and animals may sound like strange bedfellows, but in fact they’re not. Jack loved animals (especially cats) and once wrote that when the aliens finally land on planet Earth, they will be shocked to see the way humans treat their animal brothers and sisters, “down to the very worms yay.”
For over three decades the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been pushing the American legal system to end the suffering of animals. Their motto is “We may be the only lawyers on Earth whose clients are all innocent.”
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, founded in 1985, promotes alternatives to animal research and non-animal methods in animal education.
In this riveting and well researched book, historian Charles Patterson shows that the oppression of animals serves as the model for all other forms of oppression.
“Increasing love and respect for all life–one story at a time.”
“Opening to animals, we expand our personal being. We experience another part of the universe and recover another part of ourselves.”
Tera Thomas, author of Opening my Wings to Fly: What Animals Have Taught Me has manifested a 49-acre sanctuary in North Carolina where animals are the teachers.
Holistic dog trainer Suzanne Clothier is the author of Bones would Rain from the Sky: Deepening our Relationships with Dogs and is available for seminars and private consultations.


Hospice bereavement counselor Marty Tousley understands that “grief is indifferent to the species of the loved one who was lost.”
Celebrating the timeless connection between people and their animal companions, this site includes an excellent list of pet loss sites.
“A virtual interactive memorial home” for departed pets, dedicated to Fifi, who “wrapped her tail around our hearts.”


The website of the legendary San Francisco book store and publishing house founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and specializing in progressive politics and the arts.
A great full-service independent book store reflecting the eclectic and eccentric nature of its home in beautiful, historic Woodstock, New York.
Woodstock’s great New Age book store. In A New Kind of Guide Dog owner Jeff Cuiule writes, “Sometimes a great spiritual teacher arrives on four legs, sporting a fur coat and holding a squeaky toy.”
“A smorgasbord of doorways” to dreams, divination, and the writings of a gifted psychic who gave up an academic career to explore the world of the spirit.
Author of New York in the Fifties, Returning: A Spiritual Journey, Spiritually Incorrect: Finding God in All the Wrong Places and many other fine books, Dan Wakefield travels widely teaching and speaking about writing, spirituality, and life.
Shepherd Hoodwin channels a causal entity named Michael whose perspective on the soul’s journey and on world events never fails to inspire me.
A book for all ages, Johonet Carpenter’s inspired fable sends a message of hope and peace by revealing the essential unity of world faiths beneath outer differences in creed and ritual.


The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination works to end discrimination against people who are heavier than average and acts as consumer advocate on the diet industry.
Leigh Scott is a massage therapist trained in both Feldenkrais and Shiatsu who is based in Westport, Connecticut. She is an extraordinary healer and a deeply spiritual person, and she travels!
Susun Weed, herbalist and author, invites you to rediscover the Wise Woman Tradition, herbal medicine healing, and how to make home remedies.


Created in 1969 and featuring the NASA photograph of the Earth from space, the beautiful Earth flag represents a world without national boundaries.
The World Peace Prayer Society began in Japan and sponsors World Peace Prayer Ceremonies around the world around the simple prayer “May peace prevail on Earth!”
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is the only Buddhist magazine that is not affiliated with any particular teacher, sect, or lineage. As such it provides a unique public forum for exploring Buddhist teachings and practices, establishing a dialogue between Buddhism and the broader culture, and introducing Buddhist thinking to Western disciplines.


A really first-rate website devoted to both personal and mundane (world events) astrology, with intelligent writing by some of the best minds in the field.
Surely our greatest living astrologer, for almost four decades Robert Hand has devoted his energies to the art and science of astrology as author, teacher, lecturer, counselor, and world traveler. He has spearheaded the translation of ancient and medieval texts. In 1997, an Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts (ARHAT) was established to carry on his lifelong work in the history and science of astrology.