Prayers for the Earth

by Helen on July 13th, 2010


Here in the northeast, we’re having the worst drought since 2002. As I write these words the rain I’ve been praying for for the past week or so is falling at last and I can hear its gentle drumming on my roof and out my window I can see the happy dancing of the leaves.

Praying for rain reminds me of a Medicine Wheel Gathering I attended back in 1983 at a campground near Hopewell Junction, New York.

The Medicine Wheel Gatherings were the dream of Sun Bear, a Chippewa Native American who was guided to share the teachings and ceremonies of his elders and those of other tribes with us palefaces, the children of immigrants, many of whom had lost our sense of connection with the living beings with whom we share the Earth.

I was lucky enough to go to three of these gatherings. I’ll never forget how moved I was that first morning to be sitting at the feet of Sun Bear and listening to his stories. As he spoke I looked around me and I saw tape recorders turning, pens and pencils moving across notebooks, and faces upturned in rapt attention, like parched soil receiving rain.

For four hundred years, we whites had been talking and the Indians had been listening. Our missionaries had told them that their religion was wrong and that their ceremonies were from the devil. Now at last the Indians were talking, and we were listening. I knew that I would remember that moment for the rest of my life.

That was my first Medicine Wheel Gathering. The second one, in 1984, almost didn’t happen. The week before had been marked by several days of torrential rain, and the parking lot at Circle Lodge Campground was under a foot and a half of water. Back in Tacoma, Washington, where the Bear Tribe had its home, Sun Bear and another medicine man went out in the woods and prayed to the Thunder Beings, the ones who make the rain.

They said, “O Thunder Beings, you know best. If the people in New York need this rain, so be it. But if not, please hear our prayer. We would like to have this Medicine Wheel Gathering, and we can’t do it if the parking lot is under a foot and a half of water. Please do what you can to help us out.”

An hour and a half later, Sun Bear got a phone call from Circle Campground: the rain had stopped. A few days later the parking lot was dry.

At the consecration of the Medicine Wheel that weekend, Sun Bear began the ceremony by offering a prayer to the Creator and to the Thunder Beings to thank them for stopping the rain.


If you think that was a “coincidence,” and that prayer could not possibly have any effect on the element of water (which, incidentally, makes up over 60% of our human bodies), then you need to get hold of a book called The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. Prayer has a dramatic and visible effect on the way in which water forms crystals, and this book has the pictures to prove it!

If you are already aware of the power of prayer, then I suspect you are directing your prayers to our endangered planet and especially to the Gulf of Mexico, where the oil spill, the worst environmental disaster in American history, has been going on since April.

If you would like to join the vast army of light workers who are praying for planet Earth, here are three initiatives you can join:

First, there is a simple Hawaiian prayer that works wonders in almost any situation where things have gone out of balance. Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It goes: I love you / I’m sorry / Please forgive me / Thank you.

Try sending this simple prayer to all the living beings who are suffering and dying as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf:

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

To the fishermen and women, to the whales, dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans, water birds, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures, and to the water itself:

We love you
We are sorry
Please forgive us
Thank you

Second, the Great Council of the Grandmothers is calling all light workers to join with them in casting and anchoring a net of light in the Gulf of Mexico:

Whatever human beings have damaged, human beings must correct. This is the law. You cannot sit back and ask God to fix the mess humanity has created. Each of you must throw your shoulder to the wheel and work. We are asking for your help.

For instructions on casting the net of light and for the full text of the Grandmothers’ message, go to:

Finally, the Conscious Convergence, a worldwide healing meditation, is scheduled to take place the weekend of July 17-18. The timing of this event is based on the Mayan calendar and the theme is the unity of all creation. To learn more about this event go to the website of Carl Johan Calleman, an expert on the Mayan calendar and its meaning, and see especially his article on the upcoming event:


As all astrologers are aware, the alignment of the planets this summer is extraordinarily intense. There has been nothing remotely like it since the early 1930s. When I first became aware of the 2010 Grand Cross involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in the powerful early degrees of the cardinal signs I knew there would be at least one major event that would affect all life on Earth. I had no idea what it would be–with Uranus, you never know what might happen, for Uranus rules accidents, among other things–but I knew that it would be of world-shaking importance. Along with the possibility of dire events, I also saw indications of positive breakthroughs: your basic crisis/opportunity scenario, in spades.

Of course, the oil spill is the most obvious expression of this energy. Our planet is in peril. At the same time the potential for spiritual awakening has probably never been stronger, at least in modern history.

I am always amazed when I hear that for a large percentage of Americans, “the environment” is not their first priority. The economy, the government, health care–these tend to be at the top of everyone’s list. Hello–without a livable planet there will be no economy, no government, no health care of any kind.

So my prayer is that this awful thing that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico may be a wakeup call: may be the awakening we need to get our priorities straight.

It occurred to me recently that the love each of us feels for our little corner of the Earth–me for the Catskill mountains, you for your favorite places–is really nothing more or less than love for the Earth, disguised as patriotism or civic pride.

Well, let’s take that love and send it to the Gulf! Prayers don’t have to be fancy. Look how simple Sun Bear’s prayer was. You also don’t have to believe in God to pray. You can pray to Mother Earth, or to the Universe. Let’s pray for Yankee ingenuity to come up with a solution. And above all, let’s pray for Awakening!

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